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Smart energy performance upgrades

We take the headache out of retrofitting. Remees use data and technology to help property investors and managers to grow their business profitably and do their bit to save the planet. 

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    Why work with us?

    How we help


    Our portfolio review tool helps you to quickly understand the scale of the problem and identify low energy efficiency properties. It helps you to plan, prioritise and optimise your workload, and ultimately to minimise future loss of income.


    Our comprehensive reports make it easy to understand and communicate property-specific recommendations based on value uplift, compliance and carbon reduction, taking the hassle out of ensuring that the right changes happen at the right time.


    From accessing grant funding to the practical challenge of coordinating works with a tenant in situ, we offer a full suite of services to help you future-proof your portfolio.

    Property Investor, Surrey

    “We had no idea how many of our properties were below the planned Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, let alone what to do about it before working with ReMees."
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